Ikariam: New Server Going Online This Week!

01/17/2012 04:59 am in News

Gameforge is gearing up to launch a new server for their free-to-play, browser-based strategy game, Ikariam. The new server will open up a new world of players to claim as their own and new opportunities to make allies.


The sixteenth server for the ancient-Greek themed online game, Ikariam, will be going live on January 19th. The new server is known as Pi and will offer up some great new open spaces for you to conquer and to start with a clean slate.

However, publishers Gameforge (KingsAge, Tanoth) have not announced an exact time as to when the new server, Pi, will be going live. Players will just have to keep their eyes peeled and keep checking the Ikariam homepage to know when exactly it will be going online!

As with any new server launch, veterans and newcomers to Ikariam alike will have the chance to start on a fresh world. This means new alliances, new kingdoms and new leaders. Who knows, maybe you will be the best on this server?

Source: Game homepage
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