Ikariam: New World Xi Going Live Next Week!

05/05/2011 05:48 am in News

Next week there will be a new Ikariam server opened up for everyone to play on, according to the publishers Gameforge. This gives everyone the chance to start fresh and maybe you will have the opportunity to be the best player on the server.


Veteran and new players alike will all be on the same page once the new server, Xi, goes live on May 10th. Gameforge (Gates of Andaron, Metin 2) is making more room for more players to join in the fun of Ikariam and experience the ancient Greek world.

Ikariam is a free-to-play strategy game that puts you right into ancient Greece and lets you create a flourishing empire from a fledgling village. Being on an island, there are limited resources and you must compete with others for control. Expand your empire across the waves and colonize new areas while researching new technologies to further better your kingdom!

Source: Game homepage
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